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As you probably know by now, my name is Titus. I’m originally from Romania, however, at the age of fourteen, my family and I emigrated to Dublin, Ireland. In 2014 I was offered the opportunity to move to the United States and start my theological studies at Moody Bible Institute. I’m currently in the last semester of my undergraduate studies at Moody, from where I will graduate with a B.A. in Theology.

I’m passionate about theology, philosophy, and apologetics. I’m currently the founding president of Ratio Christi apologetics club at Moody, which officially started in Fall 2017. The goal of the club is to equip students with knowledge of how to defend the Christian faith and then engage in conversations with people from various religious and non-religious worldviews.

I’m also a fellow of C.S. Lewis Institute and a graduate (class of 2016) of the Fellows Program. The C.S. Lewis Fellows Program is a year-long discipleship program designed for believers who are already established in their faith (not recent converts), are highly motivated to grow deeper in their knowledge of and obedience to Jesus Christ, and who desire for God to use them more effectively in the work of His Kingdom, and who have the time and commitment required to achieve these goals.

I currently serve at Bethany Romanian Pentecostal Church (Niles, IL) where I periodically teach and preach. I’m also occasionally invited to speak in various Romanian churches throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe.

My future plans are to continue graduate studies in theology and philosophy, pursue a career in academia and get involved with non-profit humanitarian organizations that focus on sharing the love of God globally.

If you want to find out more about me or the work I do, you can contact me at

Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to hearing from you.

– Titus

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